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Fifties night out - bold pink print with a beautiful woman and an oldtimer Rolls Royce. Pearls and a perfume bottle.
perfume bottle pearls lipstick art print
fifties night out - oldtimer and woman on a burgundy backgrop

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Anna Katharina Culha photographed by Nina Wellstein

Do you know this feeling watching a particularly wonderful movie? 

When the heroine wears just the perfect dresses and her make-up is always spotless? 

When Marilyn's walk just makes you want to whip out the highheels you have had in your closet for the better part of their existence? 

When watching "Gone with the Wind" makes you want to tie your bed linens and covers around your waist like a kid to have your crinoline moment?

You are excited. Gripped by an idea of what to do with your life. How to show up. 

Don't you want to re-feel this all day long and become the heroine of your very own life?

This is why I do what I do. I want my art to fill you with a sense of possibility, determination and wonder (yes, all at the same time!) of who you could become. 

Strong. Unique. Extraordinary.

Glamour Girls

Do you have a soft spot for Marilyn, Lauren and all the other stars and starlets from the 1950s and 1960s? For their incredible style, their witty lines and their mesmerising personalities?
Then, this collection is for you!

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fifties night out - print of a beautifully dressed woman walking down the stairs. Perfume bottle, pearls and ribbon

50s Night Out

Who in the world is able to not get mesmerized by the allure of the 1950s movies where everybody was wearing these darn pretty clothes when they went dining and dancing at night? I wanna feel like this all year round. Stat.

Anna Katharina Culha photographed by Nina Wellstein

I just love the movies of the 1950s and 1960s. 
They have style, wit and charisma. 
They are fun, light and pure entertainment. 
Wouldn't you want to have this in your life? For real?
I so do. So, I paint and sketch my little heart out. I want to put more of this into the world. 

Victoriana Mad for hats original acrylic painting


You love the era of crinoline skirts? You could watch "Gone with the Wind" hours on end just for the pure joy of the elaborate customes? Boy, do I have the perfect art pieces for you. 

perfume bottle, lipstick, pearls, ribbon, marquee light, black and white striped background

"Life is not a having and a getting, 
but a being and a becoming"
- Myrna Loy

Brushes with Pearls on Golden Tablet
perfume bottle, pearls, lipstick, black and white background
Brushes on Black and White Background
Nail Polish Bottles