Photo of Anna Katharina Culha by Nina Wellstein

Hi, I am Kat!

So wonderful to get to know you. Let me introduce myself properly.

I am an illustrator and fine artist working with acrylics as well as ink and markers. My inspiration comes from basically everything that relates to the past: movies and paintings, pictures and books, museums and old newspapers, vintage clothing and accessories, cars and architecture. 

I am here to create this one big love fest of eras and styles and stars that is so vivid and palpable that you will want to dive right in and live your life in technicolor just like Old Hollywood did. 

Some Facts about me

  • I am a trained fashion designer and marketing professional
  • Favorite mantra: Just do you!
  • Favorite movie: The Women (1936)
  • Favorite fashion era: 1940s
  • Favourite writer: Oscar Wilde.( Juicy. Witty. Perfect.)
  • Personality type: INFJ-T 

Now, it's your turn - I want to get to know YOU!

Drop me an email to say hi - and tell me about your favorite actresses and films :-)

Happy thoughts, Kat