#17 You can save the world

There are a few things that are certain – one of them being that is all goes down the drain. Climate is changing and societies are struggling. Of course there are certain systemic and political changes that need to happen. My proposal:  Gender equality // We need enforced gender equality. We need women and men …

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#16 Diets

We all have been on a diet at one point in our lives – whether it was to fit into a specific dress or whether we just wanted to change. Even though there is so much activism about body positive and body acceptance, the societal norm seems to be to hate our bodies.  Women should …

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#13 Selfcare

Honestly, I have never been a high-maintenance woman. In my younger years, I never aspired to have expensive clothes, I didn’t go to the hairdressers after the one time they cut so much hair that I looked like a boy. So, I cut my own hair (which looked pretty messy – but it actually was …

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