50s Night Out

Limited Art Print Collection

50s Night Out Print Collection Marquee Light Pearls Lipstick Print Detail
50s Night Out Print Collection Marquee Light Pearls Lipstick Print Detail
50s Night Out Print Collection Marquee Light Pearls Lipstick Print Detail
50s Night Out Print Collection Marquee Light Pearls Lipstick Print Detail

They say the movies should be more like life; I think life should be more like the movies.

- Myrna Loy -

Is there a way to bring back the glamour of the Golden era of Hollywood? 

The sad answer is: Not really. 

But there is an upside: You get to get the all the feels nevertheless. (say what?)

The movies of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day, the costume genius of Edith Head and Irene, all the wonderful settings of MGM and the like - they make you want to feel elegant, polished and sophisticated. Because you ARE! 

And I created this - my new - collection with the feelings of a 1950s Night Out in Old Hollywood in mind. You get to have the fancy car ride, the strut down the enormous staircase, the night at the opera (where, of course, you would try to find a millionaire Marilyn-style) and the wonderful gowns that nowadays are sadly reserved mostly for the red carpets of the world. 

Whenever I look at these prints, I am taken away. I feel confident. I feel like reaching for the risky dress and not the jeans. I feel like a bold, confident, up-for-anything socialite. Call me crazy, but that is how I want us all to feel - it is such FUN!

Have a look at this collection that I truly love and have hung all around my apartment. Is is such a joy and confident booster (not to mention the eye candy with the color palette). And if you fancy buying one, I can assure you that you will be transported to such an awesome place as I am. 

Love you, 

Anna Katharina Culha Fifties Night Out Hot Pink


So, this was the first print I did ... hot pink! It had to be. 
The most daring colour for the most unpretentious, classic style there is with one of the most wonderful cars I could think of. This is IT!

Anna Katharina Culha Fifties Night Out Burgundy


Then, I thought 'well, it wasn't all that daring' and I was revisiting all the elegant gowns in muted colours ... that was when 'Burgundy' was born. It's supposed to exude calm, sophistication and elegance. 

Fifties Night Out Getting Ready


Basically in every movie with Marilyn, Audrey or Grace, there is at least one scene in which the dress is the focal point. I had to include such a natural scene from getting ready with a confident spring in her step, fun on her mind. 

Fifites Night out Opera


Can you imagine? Going to the opera with your besties in the most wonderful gowns, anticipating great entertainment, seeing all the beauty, feeling on top of the world? 

Fifites Night Out - Pink Rolls


How about another cool vintage car with an elegantly dressed lady in tow? This is how I want you to see yourself - dressed elegantly, full of confidence and a touch a non-chalance. 

Fifites Night Out  Girlfriends


I love my girlfriends. I love the laughter, the thoughtful conversations, and the trust we share. It is magic. There is definitely nobody else to have a better night out with than the handful of girlfriends you can share the most awkward thruths with and have the most fun with. This is a testament to this friendship. 

This limited art print collection is available as either a museum quality print on Canson Baryta Prestige paper in sizes A3,  A2 and A1 or as a direct print on aluminum in sizes A2, A1 and A0. Each size is limited to 10 pieces.

If you want more information on the quality of the material, what to expect and what the differences are, head over to the FAQ section. You will find more information under "Prints".

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