minimalistic illustration of Victorian woman with a bold red dress
Bold print with red background. Couch in front with only a woman's legs and a hand with a champagne glas are visible
Beautifully dressed woman walking down the stairs

I do fashion and lifestyle illustrations for magazines and advertising, book covers for publishing houses,  and surface pattern design for companies in the stationary and textile industries. 

Illustration Lady Gaga Met Gala
Illustration Dolce and Gabbana
Fashion Illustration
Book cover illustration
book cover illustration an ideal husband
Illustration joy 2020

My styles include ink drawings, marker illustrations, acrylic paintings as well as digital and vector illustrations.

fashion illustration
lifestyle illustration
fashion illustration
illustration merry christmas
Illustration Happy New Year
Fashion Illustration Celine Bag

I firmly believe that a good illustration is based in even better communication between all parties involved. Therefore, I place high importance on the communication process during a project. My diligent work ethic serves to this as does my goal to satisfy the creative needs of my clients.

Fashion Illustration
Portrait illustration
WEdding illustration
fashion illustration jeans
fashion illustration nail varnish
fashion illustration vintage starlet

Want to work with me?

Drop me an email via or send me a note via the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

fashion illustration 1920s
fashion illustration 50s showgirl
fashion illustration yves saint laurent
illustration kate moss twiggy
illustration pin up
illustration wedding dress
illustration red carpet oscars
lifestyle illustration yoga
portrait illustration doris day
illustration how to marry a millionaire lauren bacall
Fashion illustration amy poehler woman smoking
illustration showgirl