#17 You can save the world

There are a few things that are certain – one of them being that is all goes down the drain. Climate is

#16 Diets

We all have been on a diet at one point in our lives – whether it was to fit into a specific

Some marriages are really better off broken up. Still, for some having a divorce  seems to be a failure.  Back in the

Old Hollywood (the period between 1910 and roughly the end of the 1950s) stands out from the rest of Hollywood because of

#13 Selfcare

Honestly, I have never been a high-maintenance woman. In my younger years, I never aspired to have expensive clothes, I didn’t go

#12 Give me more of the F-word

And I don’t mean the one you are thinking of right now.  I mean the big old buddy FUN that I had

#11 Levels of drama

All drama is solely created in our minds. There is no drama outside of us, of our mind.  I actually realised that

#10 Steal with pride

I love Doris Day. She was funny and beautiful, always wore such nice clothes, was quick-witted and smart – and loved dogs.

A couple of years ago, I read the book “How to make every man want you” by Marie Forleo from 2008. I

#8 Screw good enough

Two words we should do away with right now: Good enough! How often have you thought? I am good enough. I am

#7 Natacha Rambova

Natasha Rambova was a costume designer during the Golden Age of Hollywood. What started out as a ballet career at the age

#6 Cycle-Synching

What I can remember from biology lessons about sex and hormones, is basically nothing. Maybe I really didn’t pay much attention, maybe

#5 Beauty Marks

How do you find your calling, your purpose in life and success on your terms?  Listen to this episode and find out

#4 Things you need to give up

I find that there are six qualities or habits that they are completely lacking: Worrying, Dwelling, Indecisiveness, Doubting, jealousy and resentfulness. People

#3 Take up more space!

One of my favourite mantras in the whole wide world. Take up more space – literally, figuratively, energetically. Women are so prone

The media’s favourite bad girl of the 1930s, the second highest paid person in the US right after publishing mogul William Randolph