Mad for Hats


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Material: Acrylics // professional quality canvas on a stretcher
Size: 70 x 50 cm 

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When did we lose hats? 

Hats were a woman’s most treasured accessories for the longest time. The styles changed incredibly fast and dramatically – always in accordance to the silhouettes of the era. It was a fashion playground to experiment and exaggerate without too much expense and risk.

 The Victorian era, in particular, was one of the most playful eras when it came to headpieces. High-towering and lavishly decorated, they were art pieces all by themselves. 

This painting is all this and more. 

Why don’t we wear hats anymore? Why don’t we experiment more? Why don’t we allow us to step out of the line and try what makes our hearts sing? Indulge in too much lace and fabric and celebrate our femininity? 

This painting has all my heart because it sings to my desire to bring not only the timeless elegance of the Victorian details to you but to urge you to dust off the accessories and celebrate each day with what makes you happy! 

The acrylic paint – both applied by brush as well as with acrylic markers – is put in layers on top of each other, leaving negative space for the face as well as the stripes in the background. The soothing blue mixed with grey, gold accents and white space is perfect for a modern home which still celebrates styles of eras gone by.

The painting will be shipped without the floating frame it is photographed in. 

Material: Acrylics and acrylic markers // professional quality canvas on a stretcher
Size: 70 x 50 cm