Marilyn II


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Material: Acrylics // professional quality canvas on a stretcher
Size: 120 x 100 cm 

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Marilyn Monroe is the actress that got me hooked on movies from the 1950s. It was her cheery voice, her sunny characters and her fabulous body dressed in even more fabulous clothes that absolutely mesmerised me. 

I really do think she is one of a kind. 

Quite frankly - the scene in "The seven year itch" where she gets some much-needed breeze from an underground train in New York is just iconic. The feeling of being in tune, being fabulous, being a free spirit - and living life! We could all use a little bit of this. 

Let this painting with its bright neon orange splashes and the outline of Marilyn remind you every day to be as light, free and happy. And enjoy life!